“The chef-brothers Michael and Bryan Voltaggio opened the fast-casual STRFSH in 2018 and this year partnered with Los Angeles-based K2 Restaurants to grow the brand. The Voltaggio brothers developed the Santa Monica Hot Sandwich initially as a limited-time offer, but it quickly became a best seller and now serves as a core of the permanent menu. Because of its popularity, the seafood concept now also serves a Nashville-style Hot Chicken Sandwich as well.”


Strfsh forms partnership with K2 Restaurants

“As part of growth plans, K2 has worked with the Voltaggios to expand STRFSH’s menu and new items including the Santa Monica Hot Fish, a beer-battered Alaskan cod rubbed in Nashville hot spice and topped with tartar sauce, pickles and lettuce, and the Filet O' STRFSH, a beer-battered Alaskan cod topped with cheddar cheese and tartar sauce.”


Voltaggio bros’ STRFSH acquired for expansion

“The key for us is to have the Voltaggios’ continued involvement, along with UTA, who worked with Michael and Bryan in creating the brand,” said Kolaski, the former president of the multiconcept operator Disruptive Restaurant Group. “Similar to what we’ve done with STRFSH, we want to partner with best-in-class chefs.”


Michael and Bryan Voltaggio's Fast Casual Receives Investment to Grow

“We’re honored to partner with the Voltaggio Brothers and contribute to the growth of STRFSH,” said John Kolaski, Founder, CEO and Curator of K2 Restaurants. “The Gallery is a prime location for STRFSH’s debut restaurant, and we look forward to expanding its presence.”


DC’s Voltaggio Brothers to Open Fast-Casual Sandwich Spot in Santa Monica

“The made-to-order sandwich spot features grilled fish, plus a combination of condiments, rubs, and other toppings served in a toasted potato roll. What kinds of rubs/condiments, one might ask? Well, yuzu kosho mayo and jerk rub, of course. These brothers don’t compete on Top Chef by just throwing Old Bay seasoning on stuff. They’ll also serve “boardwalk-style” fries, something commonly found in the East Coast.”


DMichael and Bryan Voltaggio to Open Fast-Casual Sandwich Spot in Santa Monica

“Named STRFSH, short for starfish, the affordable restaurant goes into The Gallery, a food court where a Subway and McDonald’s used to reside. Instead, it’s the home of Dialogue, the high-end tasting menu restaurant from former Alinea chef Dave Beran, and soon-to-be home for STRFSH.”